What does your domain name say about you?

What does your domain name say about you?

One of the most important decision you have to make when first setting up a website for your business is which domain to go with. If you are a UK based business then it makes sense to go with a .co.uk extension as it is highly likely that your potential customer base will be searching for your business on the UK version of google, which then tends to direct you towards a .co.uk website.

However, if you are hoping for an international customer base then it would always be best to go for a .com domain name. Of course, to be on the safe side you could always register both options, just to ensure that no one else is registering on your businesses’ domain name. But what actual domain name should you try for?

Always start of by trying to keep things simple, try to buy a domain name which is just your business name, after all, when customers are searching for your business they are most probably going to try searching by name. If this name has already gone then, from a strong SEO standpoint, you should probably go about constructing a domain name based around the keywords associated with your business. Whatever option you go for just make sure that it is spelled correctly, any misspellings will just have the effect of shooting yourself in the foot. Potential customers are unlikely to click on a misspelled domain name, if the search engine will pick it up in the first place.

We also recommend that you avoid using number in your domain name as they can often get lost in translation, for example, SEO4servicesLondon.co.uk can easily become SEOforservicesLondon.co.uk if not fully understood. Another factor to keep in mind is that punctuation does not exist within a domain name, do not let yourself fall into a situation where the combined words of your domain name form something ‘undesirable’.

Or course, choosing a good domain name alone will not be enough to ensure your business being on the first page of search results, Google and Bing will also look at the keywords contained on each individual page of your website and take into consideration how often the content contained within them are updated. Continually updating keyword rich content can be very time consuming and can take attention away from other more important elements of your business, which is when you can turn to SEO services in London or other areas more local to you. We also work in conjecture with web designers who can give you further advice on how to build and set up your business’s website, so feel free to contact us with any queries you may have!

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