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From finding directions on a mobile device to looking up the phone number for a local business, people are using the internet more and more to search for information about products and services in their area.

Based on research conducted by Google, over 20% of the search queries they process are for location services, and studies have shown that often people act quicker on the results of local search results, because they are seeking out a service or a particular local business. On Smartphones alone, as many as 88% of people who searched for local information, acted on their query within the space of 24 hours.

At we work with our clients to help them maximise the opportunities available within this rapidly growing market space, by increasing traffic to their site and improving the ranking position of their website with major search engines, maximising their presence online and helping to ensure their website can be found by their target audiences in London. only focuses on SEO strategies for businesses that are located in London, or who want to reach potential customers who are based in the capital. Working collaboratively with Top Click Media, an internet marketing specialist providing a full portfolio of services including PPC, social media and web design, calls on the expertise of an experienced team who have been helping clients develop comprehensive and successful SEO strategies for many years, providing help and advice on location services, that will maximise the success of your local London search campaigns.

With our unique approach to SEO, we will help you to grow your business online, within the London area.