Do sites really need SEO?

Do sites really need SEO?

When discussing Search Engine Optimisation with friends and family I am often faced with a barrage of questions including but not limited to “What is SEO?”, “Why do Websites need it?”, Why can’t the search engines figure out things on their own?” and “Could I do it myself if I had a website or would I need to employ someone?”.

As most of them are not in the marketing field I try to explain the concept in simplistic terms where possible.
I generally start off by explaining that in essence SEO is used to improve and promote websites in order to increase the number of visitors that it receives as a direct result of search engine searches. I then explain that it isn’t just about the words that appear on the website but the way in which other sites link to that website.

People do tend to automatically assume that SEO is just about search engines when I provide my initial explanation however I am quick to point out that it is also about improving the structure for people that use the website too.

People do tend to grasp the concept of how improving a website and its rankings with the major search engines can increase visitors and positively impact sales and revenue however they are often still unclear regarding exactly what SEO is and how it works. I then tend to give a real life example of a search being performed using Google and what keywords and links might be featured on that particular website to make it appear on the search engine list of results.

With regards why the search engines can’t figure things out on their own I explain that whilst search engines are pretty smart they are unable to view a webpage in the same way that a human can and that they require help in order to be able to return the right results. I then talk about how they are becoming smarter every day thanks to improving technology and the constant updates.

Having finished my explanation I am normally met with something along the lines of “Well it all sounds very complicated but I think I understand how it works”. It is normally at this point that I explain that whilst the basic fundamentals of SEO can be understood by most people the majority of organisations choose to outsource their SEO to companies such as SEO Services London to manage on their behalf.

SEO Services London is just one of many companies that work with clients helping them to maximise their potential opportunities within the marketplace. Not only do Internet Marketing London strive to increase a websites online presence they help ensure that the client’s website can be found both easily and quickly by their target audience.

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