How a Reputable SEO agency in London can influence your Local Search Results

How a Reputable SEO agency in London can influence your Local Search Results

Once you start a business and create its website, the next concern is how to get prospective customers to your site. If your business operations serve a specific location and the surrounding areas, ensuring that your website is optimized locally is critical. If you are in London and expect the locals to find you on Google for that location, you should hire a reputable SEO agency in London to optimize your web pages for that area.

What is a localized search?
Reports show that nearly 75 percent of online searches performed on the popular search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, are searches for products and services locally. This basically means that whenever a user is searching for a particular item in one of the major search engines, he/she usually narrows down the search to only obtain results that are locally relevant. London users, for instance, can force the results to be locally relevant by entering the location, “London”, in the search phrase.

However, major search engines now employ geo-targeting and specialized algorithms that identify a user’s physical location without the individual specifying it, which allows you to get relevant, localized results without having to enter a city or location name. As such, it is important that businesses optimize their websites for locally relevant searches, or risk failing to reach their target market at all.

Importance of Local SEO
Localized SEO for your particular company and industry is one of the most essential steps in attaining online success, especially if most of your business is conducted via the web. Ensuring good SEO alone is not enough for local businesses, due to the changes in search engine ranking algorithms and progression of internet marketing strategies. Getting good business ranking in search engine results is particularly challenging for companies based in big metropolitan areas, because there is a great deal of competition to be among the first in the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs).

For instance, if you are one of hundreds of companies in London offering the same type of products or services, you will have to deal with the highly competitive market. Fortunately, a reputable SEO agency in London can help to ensure that your target audience is able to find your business, amidst your competitors, when searching on the web.

Studies show that close to 70 percent of online searches are location based. If majority of searches are location-based, failure to optimize for local web traffic will cause your business to miss out on a huge percentage of prospective customers, and the overall potential revenue for the company. It is important to note that any missed customers probably take their business to your direct competitors, because there are easier to find on the web.

Another reason to consult a reputable SEO company in London is to ensure that your SEO strategy is good enough to draw in the “foot-traffic” or walk-ins from individuals who are searching on the go. Many users today conduct searches from their mobile devices while they are moving around. So, if you want your company’s operations to be among the top ones to be listed in search engine results, and to generate more relevant leads, you should optimize your website for local SEO.

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