Link Building Strategies

Link Building Strategies

SEO London are a specialist service provider working both with clients that are based within London and with businesses that are looking to target audiences specifically within the area.

They focus on developing effective London SEO strategies in order to help you improve your ranking position with all the major search engines. They also concentrate on improving your overall presence online.

SEO London use a number of different techniques all of which are “organic” in order to increase the amount of traffic visiting your site.

Link building whereby a link is placed between two websites in order to generate mutual traffic is a common method and one which you will have likely heard of however there are many more ways in which high rankings can be both achieved and sustained.

Publish In-Depth Articles
Qualifying in-depth articles can lead to a significant increase in traffic and whilst at present only 6% of Google search results contain in-depth articles there have been reports of traffic increasing as much as 10% after inclusion.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
With Google’s Panda Algorithm punishing “low quality” websites Google appears to measure customer satisfaction by the number of users clicking on search results. They appear to view a satisfied customer as one that went to a search result (ideally the top one) and didn’t return to perform any subsequent searches.

Include Rich Snippets
Google is constantly increasing the different types of rich snippet included in its search results. One of the most effective with regards increasing clicks is the inclusion of videos with studies showing that our eyes are drawn immediately to them during a search.

Achieve Google Authorship
Whilst having the right photo doesn’t necessarily guarantee more clicks it can help your click-through rate. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules research has shown that real faces with high contrast colours that are audience appropriate are the most effective.

Improve Site Speed
Not only will good speeds improve levels of customer satisfaction this is one factor that Google have openly confirmed as having a direct impact on a websites ranking.

Smartphone Configured
Google have also confirmed that if a website is not properly configured for access via a smartphone this may result in lower mobile rankings.

Assess International Potential
Consider whether there is potential outside of your existing country/language as there are often greater opportunities should you choose to expand due to lesser competition.

Social Networking v Google+
Whilst sharing content with Facebook and Twitter is advantageous your network only sees it when specifically viewing that particular social networking site. Sharing it on the other hand with Google+ means that your network will see it every time they search Google.

Keep Content Fresh
Letting your page go stale can lead to your site losing popularity and whilst keeping things fresh doesn’t necessarily guarantee your place in the rankings it can certainly help especially when it comes to certain queries.

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