The Magic of an SEO Agency in London

The Magic of an SEO Agency in London

A dark art can be defined as the use of magical spells or practices for malicious or unsettling purposes. However, the suggestion that SEO is a “dark art”, shrouded in secrecy and only practised by SEO wizards (wearing cloaks and pointy hats, obviously) pouring over dusty tomes in dungeon-like SEO agency offices in London, is interesting… but sadly wide of the mark. For the truth about SEO is more about sheer hard work than it is about black hats, incantations or sacrifices to Google.

The job of an SEO company, in London and around the world, is the same: to make your website pop up at the top of Google search results. Your site gets more traffic and you get more business. Sounds simple enough and, in some ways, it is. Basically, all Google is ever trying to do is to match the most relevant website to the search term input into the Google homepage by a user. But it also stands to reason that not every website can be top of the Google search results and Google uses some very complex algorithms to search out the pages that best match the search terms. It then ranks them in order based on several factors, including but not limited to the search term itself, the “keywords” originally input by the user.

Google’s algorithms rely on many clues and signals to try to narrow down your search terms and give you the webpage that you’re really looking for (but don’t know it yet). Some of these clues have a “user context”, such as where you are located, the language you are using and your web browsing history. Other signals determine how trustworthy, reputable or authoritative a web page is and factors such as the quality of the content (is it relevant?), the frequency of updates (search engines hate static pages and like blogs), the site architecture and the number and quality of links (hard to test but rumour has it that Google loves them). Google also – allegedly – has some things that niggle it a bit, like vast amounts of Flash content with no HTML equivalent, no alt tags on images and messy content management. And – just to keep everyone on their toes – Google makes regular changes to the way these algorithms work.

All of which might just leave you thinking that, yes, this sounds like a very dark art indeed. But this is where the SEO agency comes in. There’s no denying that SEO is complicated. It’s a tangle of key words, architecture, links, trust, coding and content but definitely no magic. The work of an SEO company involves lots of research, analysis of data over long periods of time, the study into the effects of keywords, content, outbound and reciprocal links and numerous other ranking factors, all of which lead them to come up with a strategy to ensure that your website generates the right type of “signals” for the search engine.

SEO has far more in common with maths and science than any Harry Potter-style shenanigans. Hang up your pointy hat on the way out, thanks.

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